What weighs more a mole of feathers or bricks?

Keep in mind that not everything weighs the same if you have a mole of it. A mole refers to the number of particles you have, not the mass. If you had a mole of feathers and a mole of bricks, you would have the same number of feathers and bricks but they would weigh completely different.

What weighs more bricks or feathers?

This question is similar to the question of the weights of the bricks and feathers. Since four quarters equal a dollar they are equal, also. Therefore, neither is heavier…..a pound of bricks equals a pound of feathers!

Does a pound of bricks and feathers have the same mass?

But the answer is that they weigh the same. Because it is already mentioned that a feather weighs 1 pound and so a brick also weighs 1 pound.

Which falls faster a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

A feather and brick dropped together. Air resistance causes the feather to fall more slowly. If a feather and a brick were dropped together in a vacuum?that is, an area from which all air has been removed? they would fall at the same rate, and hit the ground at the same time.

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Which falls faster a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?

The bricks, not because of difference in gravitational pull. But, because the feathers experience more air resistance and also because the bricks will have higher terminal velocity because they’re denser. If this was repeated in vacuum, both the objects would hit the ground at the same time.

Why is a pound of feathers heavier than bricks?

Feather will occupy so much volume while brick will occupy less, since brick is denser, much denser than feathers. It is all about it’s density. The denser the material, the less material we need to produce a given value of mass. Originally Answered: Which weighs more 1 pound of feathers or 1 pound of bricks?

Which is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?

A pound of rocks on earth (not in a vacuum) is slightly heavier than a pound of feathers; this is because ‘rocks’ obviously have a higher density than ‘feathers’, assuming the feathers are loosely held and not tightly packed. Neither is heavier ’cause they all have the same weight.

Which weighs more 2 pounds of bricks or 2 pounds of feathers?

Which weighs more: 2 pounds of bricks or 2 pounds of feathers? Explain. Two pounds of bricks is equal to 2 pounds of feathers. The weight is the same, but the items are different.

What would land first 1 pound of bricks or 1 pound of feathers?

The reason the pound of bricks would fall faster has to do with the effect of air resistance and aerodynamics. The bricks are more compact and dense and would fall faster than the pound of feathers.

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Which falls faster a hammer or a feather?

Because the Apollo crew were essentially in a vacuum, there was no air resistance and the feather fell at the same rate as the hammer. This is exactly what Galileo had concluded hundreds of years before: all objects released together fall at the same rate regardless of mass.

Which object falls faster heavier or lighter?

Answer 1: Heavy objects fall at the same rate (or speed) as light ones. The acceleration due to gravity is about 10 m/s2 everywhere around earth, so all objects experience the same acceleration when they fall.

Does a feather and a rock fall at the same speed?

Spoiler: the answer is that they will all fall at the exact same rate. Though some objects, like feathers, seem to fall slower because of air resistance. In order to see the true nature of gravity effecting the feathers, you need to remove all the air in the room.

Why do heavier objects fall faster?

Acceleration of Falling Objects

Heavier things have a greater gravitational force AND heavier things have a lower acceleration. It turns out that these two effects exactly cancel to make falling objects have the same acceleration regardless of mass.

What weighs more 100 pounds of feathers or bricks?

Both are equal. 100 pound is 100 pound, independent of matter. Of course, quantity of feather will be more than that of other.